Christian Reincarnation

Jesus taught soul evolution through reincarnation - and this truth can't be negated by manmade church doctrines or disbelief. Jesus came to save mankind from the perpetual wheel of rebirth by teaching them how to live and open their minds to the Kingdom within. But the Church of Constantine which is called Christian today, changed the teachings to promote salvation through belief, rather than spiritual transformation. Without an understanding of the Laws and the true realities of life and the journey of the soul that each of us "reaps what we sow" as we travail as the prodigal sons/daughters in this, the "far country... outer darkness", we become entrapped by what is portrayed as the god of this world. As the prodigal sons/daughters of The Most High God, each of us left the Kingdom and journeyed into this physical realm in order to evolve into the full maturity of the Sons and Daughters of God. Most people don't remember the past lives their soul has lived, because that would negate the purpose of life which is to mature and spiritually evolve. Knowing one's past lives would equate to knowing the answers to the tests of life that are presented to us - and this would undermine the very purpose of life itself. Yet, our failure to comprehend the Laws, the process of soul-growth over the course of many lives, inhibits the development of higher-mind which is unable to overcome the cloud of ignorance. To understand the Laws, and why all events in life are preordained as taught in the Bible, is to possess the knowledge and understanding necessary to overcome those Laws. The owner of this group is the soul who lived as Jacob, who many call James, and was historically that soul who is known as the Brother of Yeshua/Jesus. If you want to learn about Jesus and the teachings and purity of TheWay without the manmade doctrines of the Church, then this is the Portal of Light for all seekers of Truth and the Kingdom of the Father. This is not an Eastern or New Age Group.

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