The Nazirene Library

In the year 325AD the most carnal of Christians entered into a covenant with a brutal and despotic emperor, and the Synagogue of Satan was born and called the Christian Church. Constantine imposed his doctrines upon his church. Dispatched his armies to kill the Ebionites, Nazirenes and Spiritual Christians who refused to accept the religion of the Emperor. Constantine adopted the most corrupt biblical manuscripts, edited them further to make them support the very Pagan doctrines of his church, and destroyed all other copies of the scriptures. As a Pagan sun worshiper, the Lord's Sabbath was abandoned, and outlawed. Saturnalia, the birth of the sun-god Mithra, was renamed Christmas. The Lord's Passover was rejected to embrace Easter (Ishtar), the celebration of the goddess of spring and the resurrection of the sun-god. Yeshua was renamed Jesus (Zeus-Isis), and installed as the latest incarnation of the Pagan Christos who was the embodiment of the sun-god. The Spiritual Essence of the religion of Yeshua and TheWay was killed, as a government ordained institutionalized dogmatic church was erected in its place.And while the Fathers of the Reformation attempted to restore the religion of Yeshua by removing many of its more obvious Pagan teachings, being spiritually disenfranchised, a restoral at that time was impossible. But with the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, Nag Hammadi Library, and other important scriptures, the world has been given a glimpse of what the Synagogue of Satan threw away. And in answer to the Christians who pray and beseech God for greater understanding of the Gospel, the Lord has sent his original disciples back into the world to restore the Key of Knowledge, and guide the true seekers of TheWay. Because many of these important concepts discussed among these Nazirene Disciples of TheWay are preserved no where else except in their forums, this is a Library which will become an Oracle of Light to all seekers of the Truth, the Light and TheWay.

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